Portfolio (Mar 31st, 2021)

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Fund injection
Total cash injection and dividend reinvested: S$5,000.00

Singapore REIT Index 2021-03-31_185722

Transaction for this month

Portfolio Summary 2021-03-31_185922

Weightage Analysis 2021-03-31_190039

2 thoughts on “Portfolio (Mar 31st, 2021)

  1. HumjiInvestor

    Hey noticed that you seem to purchase mostly REITs, and mostly individual counters. Would you mind explaining the rationale for focusing on REITs and how has it performed against the Lion-Philipps SREIT ETF?


  2. REITs is the only asset class that I may have good understanding. So I invest within my circle of competence.

    Lion-Philipps SREIT ETF charge manegemnt fee of 0.5% p.a., which is equvalalent to 10% of dividend assuming dividend yield of 5%.

    In terms of performance, my portfolio no worse than benchmark of SReit Index so far.


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